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Line Plate 18.5

900 SEK

-Hand Painted Ceramic Plate

Dimensions: Ø: 18.5 cm, H: 1,5 cm
Washing machine safe.

Please note that each plate is hand painted, therefore the plate you will be receiving might have different patterns.

This item is produced by order. We will make it after confirming the payment, therefore it may take  1 - 2 weeks for the delivery. You will receive a notification email. It will be shipped in protected box. Please, allow up to 2 - 10 business days for shipping!

Made in Gothenburg.

With an aesthetic rooted in both Japanese and Swedish culture and design traditions, Oya pairs simple shapes with playful and graphic glazing to create striking tableware and ceramic pieces.

He hand-works shapes on the potter’s wheels, often cylinders of varying heights, to create porcelain canvas’. In painting each piece, he is both evoking a random behavior as the glazes play off the porcelain base, and creating a considered balance between form and design.

Originally from Tokyo in Japan, Oya moved to Sweden to study at Capellagården and later HDK. So while traditional arts and crafts from Japan has been a great source of inspiration, it’s the mix of the Swedish and Japanese, what he has done, experienced and seen, that inspires Oya nowadays – shaping both his ideas and himself as an artist.